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What's in progress

After posting the last entry, I received another request that they'd love to read the translation of Utuskushii and etc.. Fortunately, I was able to find a service which enables me to make my translation public safely and easily. So now I'm wondering if I should work on correcting and rewriting the original translation, for I'm afraid the original translation got quite many awkward expressions. It's extremely time-consuming to create an excellent translation, but I'd like to provide a bit better one, which you can enjoy without feeling annoyed with its awkward English usage.
I got my real life, so I don't know when it'll be ready, but it's not like I've pulled the original translation posts down because I don't want to share them at all. It's simply because I don't feel comfortable any more to make them public without any protection.

Nice day, everyone!

about DramaCD translation project

Hello everyone, it's been so long since the last entry...

It's about DramaCD translation today.
I've been receiving requests from BL DramaCD fans across the world and they all ask me to make my old translation such as Utsukushiikoto and Itoshiikoto available again on the Net.

I know they're such marvelous stories that you'd like to understand details and feel the story more deeply.
Yet, I'm not comfortable anymore to make them open to anyone who can access to my blog... BL fandom got so big and, I'm sorry to say but, some of the fans, not a big part I hope, don't care much about the author and manga-ka. You can listen to DramaCD for free, that's convenient, but what happens with the author? They can't make a living without your, fans physical support of paying appropriate amount money. It's not a charity...

That's said, I'm willing to share my translation with those fans who're eager to support BL manga-ka and authors. To make that happen, I'm wondering if there is a way that I can share my translation with a copy protection. If I'm able to find a good way, then I'll look for some people who can support me with their English skills and clean and upgrade my raw translation into more readable one.

That's what I'm thinking right now.
BTW, I don't use Lj often, so if you'd like to exchange ideas with me, please go find me at FB.
I'm Iris Gabriel with a eye-catching icon, which is a trademark of one BL group.

Nice day, everyone!

'll be around in FB more

I've been so away from lj and don't know anyone still following me. It seems I got some gift from some of you guys, Thank you so so much... 
So, if you're curious what I'm into right now, find and befriend with me at FB. I'm Yuri Aoi GP. It's a looong story, but you'll see what kind of activities I'm doing around BL/yaoi.  XOXO
I've been neglecting the blog so long that there won't be many people reading my blog now, but anyway, I'm going to write about some indie project I'm involved with and see if any of you are interested in supporting bl manga-ka/novelist with your translation skills.

I've been working for some bl manga-ka as a translator, J to E, to release her work in amazon and other providers.
It's an indie project, so there is no compensation money wise, yet, it's challenging and exciting to work with the author at the  small corner of Bl industry.
And now, we're looking for someone who can support our novel translation project with your translation skills. 
We're aware that novel translation is an extremely daunting task and it's nothing you can do just in a month of so. However, it's also the truth that we can't seek for a help of a professional translator because of the high cost. 

So, if you're interested in hearing more about the project, let me know and I'll explain to you more in details.
For someone who is a native speaker of English, a learner of Japanese, and moreover a BL addict, then it'd make a great chance.

We're looking for someone who is strong in grammar and also with a professional mind.
It's an indie project, still you're going to be required to give us your education/job history and so on.

Natsume Isaku Autograph event report

I was terribly nervous to meet with manga-ka, Natsume Isaku-san, for the first time yesterday at the autograph session at TSUTAYA shibuya and I made everything ready, especially that many messages from you overseas fans, in my bag from the day before. It's rumored among BL fans in Japan that some manga-ka, who I'm madly in love, is not that friendly, so her signing event is not so interesting. I was wondering what if Natsume-san was someone like that. 

But it turned out to be a terrific about two to three minutes' meeting and she is yes NICE! I thought she was those kind of people that once you meet them and exchange a word or two, then you're unlikely to forget them and you can remember the happy moment with them from time to time. She is really attractive, very energetic aaand modest at the same time. As you might already know, Natsume-san published some slash manga for One Piece and she reminds me of the very character, Nami-san, of it.

When I handed a booklet of your messages, Natsume-san and also her two caretakers let out a surprised voice and seemed to be truly pleased to get that present. I think they know there are some oversea fans for her, but they wouldn't have a chance to get words directly, so I'm sure your messages made an impressive present. So, here is a cover my dear friend made for the booklet.   
And these are the autograph, an omake bookmark and a thank you message paper.
Thank you for participating the event with me and do support Natsume Isaku-sensei with purchasing her manga. (@^^)/~~~

P.S. I asked her to tweet a message exclusively for overseas fans, so if I find one in her tweets, I'm going to translate and add it here. She has not tweeted anything since yesterday, so I'm guessing she must be exhausted and taking a long rest.  
I think some of the followers of my blog are fans of Natsume Isaku and Hidaka Shouko, so I'm afraid I might get you jealous of me...
This week was terribly busy because I went to Shinjyuku twice to get a ticket for an autograph session for Natsume Isaku-san and also to an exhibition of several BL manga-ka including Hidaka Shouko-san.

For Natsume Isaku event, read here:  http://ameblo.jp/shibuya-tsutaya/entry-10980965788.html
About the exhibitions of original pictures:  http://www.gofa.co.jp/art/110827_rutile/index.shtml
(I got to the small exbition room before the opening, but there were already about thirty fans standing in line and I was just engulfed with the heat of them and bought Hidaka-san's drawing with her autograph... I have no place to hang it up, though... http://www.gofa.co.jp/pick_shouhin/pick_9.html)

Now, I'm wondering if any of you interested in writing a message to Natsume Isaku-san. I'm going to take your message with me when the autograph session will be held on Sep 10th. If you're into this plan, write a message for her with plain, simple English and leave it as a comment for this entry. We Japanese learn English as a compulsory education in Junior high, so I'm sure she's going to get fairly well idea of your message. If some of your message seem to be difficult, I'm going to add notes in Japanese.
(Be reminded that you're encouraged NOT to write how you read her manga unless you actually buy and read her Japanese titles. You're not supposed to be reading Sugar  code or other her titles besides Dash in English. Manga-ka are quite sensitive about copy-right issue.)

Nice weekend, everyone!

Did you like the new chapter of "Sugar Code" at Nakama? 
I was barely able to buy a Young Jump 36+37 released today and read the Tiger& Bunny manga ^^; wonder anyone, maybe someone not among BL fans scan this... 
Various illustrations of Tiger&Bunny 

Tiger & Bunny

Anyone into Tiger & Bunny? Let me know if there are some fan sites or forums actively talking about that anime...
Latest episode is available here http://www.b-ch.com/ttl/index.php?ttl_c=2963

Hana wa Sakuka ch8

At the end of the chapter, Sakurai calls Youichi with his first name and Youichi is surprised to know it. 
I think it's just an ordinary way for people in Western culture to name each other with their first names, but it's not often the case among grown-ups in Japan. It's clearly shows Youichi is not just one of many friends for Skurai but someone precious... 

This week is nothing but a festival for Hidaka fans; it was Hana wa Sakuka DramaCD yesterday and today for Yuuutsu na Asa!!!
ルボー・サウンドコレクション ドラマCD 花は咲くか
ルボー・サウンドコレクション ドラマCD 花は咲くか 
Wow, wow, it's just marvelous, especially the second one, so mellow ♥ I bought Animeito limited version and it came with a short omake manga. If no one is going to uploading it, I might as well show it here...

憂鬱な朝 3 (キャラコミックス)
憂鬱な朝 3 (キャラコミックス) 
I collect Hidaka's omake telephone cards and this cover illustration also become a telephone card. Gorgeous!